Chef, Food Stylist & Catering Consultant


Chef, Food Stylist & Catering Consultant

Elsebe Cronje: Chef, Food Stylist & Catering Consultant (and now Organic Vegetable Gardener)

This is my 5th year in the Culinary Industry and I have to admit, it has been a tough journey to get to here.

A cup of green tea sighs wistfully on my desk as the October sun sets red behind the cheek of the vine-streaked horizon and I feel the knot in my belly is loosened as I gaze across the softness of the lawn, the reflection of the water catching my eye through the 18th Century window of the Tea Room.

Serendipity brought Langkloof and I together.

My capacity to dream has always been exponential, with a heart for adventure and eyes who refuse to be but filled with innocent wonder at the beauty we are capable of creating as human beings who have been given freedom of will.

It is a difficult feat, though, to find a corner in the world which feels like it fits the shape of your creative radiance, and even more difficult to find an environment where the vision is a shared endeavour.

What a blessing it is to receive freedom to paint with my food – breathing space to dream and support to reach our combined vision for Langkloof Roses.

Langkloof retains a magical quality, an essence of the days when life was still allowed to be lived slowly and thankfully.

It has a texture which is only found in the bracing of many years of drought and, I am sure, many years of fertility.

Nestled just outside the town of Wellington, Langkloof fragrantly blooms with the first roses of the season as the heat of Summer approaches, and besides from being a beautiful destination to visit for a weekend getaway, a slice of organic carrot cake or a pot of speciality Tea –

it also offers the Bride & Groom To Be a place of enchantment to express the love they hold for each other.

Wedding Celebration Feasts

I have always believed in abundance. Nourishment. And this is the foundation of the vision I cherish for the cuisine at Langkloof. I also believe in authenticity, and therefore have done away with a pre-set menu, and implemented a Consultation System.

This way, I get to meet every prospective Couple, which in turn allows me to establish a feel for who they are as human beings, what they personally enjoy eating, feel how they interact with me and then create a tailored menu from there – which will yield the ambience and vibe they are looking for on their big day.

After all, the sharing of beautiful & delicious food is the ultimate Celebration of Life.

We specialize in cooking fragrant, delicious wedding feasts – with good intent & fresh produce.

If you are a prospective couple and would like to contact me for a tailored menu plan, please send an email to

Antique Tea Room

The Antique Tea Room is a sanctuary of calming music, heavenly cakes & treats, steaming pots of interesting teas from around the world, and boasts with colourful breakfasts and flavour packed light and healthy lunches.

Bent on quality, we strive for a good balance between flavourful, healthy eats and sinfully delicious treats.

Expect anything from Banana Bread French Toast to Homemade Wild Mushroom, Thyme and Goat’s Cheese Tart.

From French Patisserie Classics such as Butter Croissants topped with Fresh Farm Eggs – languidly scrambled with cream & garden chives -  and ribbons of smoked trout to our super moist Dark Chocolate and Beetroot Cake.

The Tea Room is also available as venue for small functions such as Kitchen Teas or Stork Teas, to which we can also conveniently supply beautiful catering.

For more information about our Tea Room Function Menu Options, please send an email to

Watch this Space

Langkloof has recently embarked on a new adventure in collaboration with the talented team of Kikitography, who have artful skill in capturing the essence in timeless moments shared on wedding days. They are also branching out into capturing the pleasures of Food under their Lifestyle Photography Section, and we have quirky and interesting blog posts arriving soon.

Look out for our future posts on the Langkloof and Kikitography sites, in which I will be showing you how to make the best of fresh and seasonal produce and showcasing what we have growing in our Organic Vegetable Garden.

I will also be sharing some of my favourite recipes, chef’s secret tips and tricks in the kitchen and nutritional information on what we are so deliciously ingesting.

Also follow us on  , to keep track of what we are busy with – whether it be a sneak peek at some beautiful wedding photography, some new posts on the website, Tea Room Menu Updates and Instagram activity.

We also endeavour to have Langkloof Picnic & Music Festival Days soon – so keep an eye out for that as well.

Lovely to meet you – please feel free to contact me for any queries.

Au revoir





We welcomed Mia and her Kitchen Tea Guests this past weekend for an exciting Kokedama Workshop hosted by  A LITTLE THING CALLED 
We look forward hosting your Kitchen Tea Floral Workshop all enquires on prices and dates contact Adelaine at