Natural House Cleaning Products


Natural House Cleaning Products

Workshop: Make your own Green House cleaning Products

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YADA - A Lifestyle of Learning

YADA - A Lifestyle of Learning

A Lifestyle of Learning: 22 July 

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New Page

New Page

Permaculture 4: Soil Preparation

25 May Live Workshop 9:00- 14:00.

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Learning Lifestyle Seminar

Learning Lifestyle Seminar

True Education - A Lifestyle of learning 

A Family Seminar 27 May 2018

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Permaculture: Seedlings & Propagation

Permaculture: Seedlings & Propagation



It all started when…

You are herby invited to the 3rd Permaculture Session of Yada Workshops: 🌱 *"Seedlings & Propagation"* 🌱on Friday, the 13th of April!

*We will be visiting Langkloof Roses Farm,* outside Wellington with our presenter, *Kobus Kritzinger* and participate in a hands-on workshop about seedlings and propagation.

*Seedlings and Propagation:*
1) What are heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid seeds?
2) Planting by the season.
   Special attention will be given to winter crops that should be sown/planted now.
3) Sowing seeds with success.
   What is sown directly into beds, seed trays or containers?
4) Collecting and storing seeds in your own garden.
   Other good sources of seed.
5) Cloning: cuttings and layering.

*About the presenter of the Permaculture workshops*
Kobus Kritzinger is a permaculture designer who has immersed himself in the practice of teaching and designing ecological systems that are sustainable and productive. He provides consultation and implementation services to clients who want to make the shift from consumer to producer on whatever land they have available: be it a patio, backyard, small-holding or farm. He considers himself a lifelong learner who is continually in awe of nature’s ability and strategies to restore balance. 

*Overview of the Permaculture Workshops and Aim*
Permaculture is a design science that is concerned with the energy that it takes to produce and deliver food to our tables. Healthy ecosystems are the only truly sustainable sources of energy – energy from the sun captured and stored in various forms that can be harvested at any stage or last through the ages. The sessions that we undertake this year explore practical ways in which to work with nature to restore balance to the ecosystems around us while tweaking it to become more productive for us. It is a journey into a deeper understanding of nature’s means of production, and away from factory farmed produce devoid of nutritional and ethical substance. 

*Picnic at Langkloof Roses*
Bring your picnic blanket and chairs and enjoy a picnic with friends on the farm.  

Either pack your own picnic basket, or pre-order picnic baskets directly from Langkloof Roses. 

To book for this outing, please click here and fill in the form.

09:00 – Arrival at Langkloof Roses
09:30 – Seedlings and Propagation
10:30 – Break
11:00 – Seedlings and Propagation
12:00 – Questions & Answers
12:30 – Picnic
13:00 – (or whenever you like) Departure

R80 p/p (3 years and older).
Children 0 - 2 years free.

*Payment and how it works*
Workshop fees must be paid into our bank account by Tuesday, the 10th of April to secure your spot. Make a payment into the following bank account so that we can keep track of who has paid and who has not.

First National Bank.
Name of Account: S Hattingh.
Account Number: 622 523 818 78.
Branch: Wellington.
Branch Code: 200 710.
Cheque Account.

Send proof of payment to me with the number of people attending to

*Picnic baskets to be pre-ordered from Langkloof Roses*
Please contact & pre-order your picnic basket from Antionette: or 083 311 0050.
Adults: R65p.p
Children under 12: R45p.p
Goods of basket to include:
Maroccon beef mince balls / Artisan Breads / Pate, Cheese, Preserve / Olives / Something Chicken / Sourkraut/Kimchi / Fruit and nuts
Rose Cordial Tap & Ice Tea Tap &  Flavoured Water Tap.

*Tea Room @ Langkloof Roses*
Tea Room would be open for coffee/tea and freshly baked cakes/muffins. 

We are looking forward to a hands-on, real-life learning experience at Langkloof Roses!


Suzanne Hattingh


Lifestyle of Learning Seminar

Lifestyle of Learning Seminar

Learning Transformation Seminar:

21 April 2018 

11 March Fermentation Festival

11 March Fermentation Festival

Fermentation Family Festival 

11 March 2018

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Fermentation Family Feast

- listen to your gut -


Program starts at 11:00

(Farm gates will be open @9:00 Coffee and Home made waffles available in The Rose Garden)

Perma Culture Workshop:

- by Kobus Kritzinger

40 minute practical demonstration of

Vermi culture:
Make your own basic worm farm using recycled plastic buckets.

Expanding it into a larger container (such as an old bath).

Feeding the worm farm.

Keeping your worms happy and healthy.

Application of vermicompost Worm tea and its use.

Using worm slurry when planting.

Bring a picnic basket & blanket and enjoy the farm with family and friends;
Food Market:
Fish on the Braai
Taco bar with Fermented toppings
Ginger beer
Barbecue Natural Boerewors served with Fermented toppings

Kids Program during lunch;
Horse rides
Lawn games (boeresport)

Live Culture Food Workshop
By Amanda Kreitzer

Kimchi/Sauerkraut Workshop
Stroll through the organic Herb and Veg garden. Harvest some herbs.
Sart preparing your Fermented Veg.
You would receive ;
A variety of vegetables to choose from.
All ingredients and equipment would be provided.
A glass container for you own Fermented Vegetables to take home!
Taste a variety of Amanda’s Fermented produce served on Sour dough bread.

Entrance Fee;
R60 ( children 5-18 yrs)
R120 (Adults)

Complimentary Bottle of Val da Rosa Shiraz per family.
Your own Glass Container for Kimchi (one per family)
Live music
Kids Programs
Kids will receive a container with worms to take home as ‘starter kit’
Two hands on workshops

Please keep in mind to bring some cash to support the


Farm Market.
Organic Stone mill Grain
Kefir drinks
Organic Fruit and vegetables
Go Natural’s products
Home baked pasteries
Coffee Bistro
Roses would be sold

   Freshly baked Farm Bread


Accommodation on the Farm Available



Healthy soil  -  Healthy gut  - Healthy you






Offering workshops and great event options below.




We offer mini activities and pampering session for you to enjoy.

Can be enjoyed while visiting the farm.




a Rose oil and Tea workshop - a life changing experience.  It offers a great opportunity to heal, nurture and build. Lunch included. Take the time today &
create a beautiful life.



- please enquire for availability


This is an exclusive 3 day health retreat,  a tailored package designed for inner and outer healing, everything is included for R3500.